SES Air driven 30:14 30:1 AIR ASSISTED Airless Sprayer

SES Air driven 30:14 30:1 AIR ASSISTED Airless Sprayer

Maximum spray tip: 0.017" in Aircoat congiguration
Supplied with the Mach 3 spray gun and 413 spray tip Maximum working pressure PSI (Bar): 3480 (240) in aircoat configuration
Hose length 7.5m 3/16" 4.6mm bore, twin hose (air and fluid) assembly
Capacity per double stroke: 14cm³

A low output, low air demand, low foot print yet powerful aircoat system allowing smaller less frequent users to achive the same quality of finish the larger players do.

Air assisted airless (also known as AAA or airmix or aircoat) spraying combines the advantages of air spray and airless spray to suit a wide range of applications, ideal where items need finishing to a high standard quickly. Based on a 30-1 double action pneumatic pump offering virtually no pulsation and reduced wear on pump components. The pump is supplied complete with the Mach 3 aircoat spray gun and industry standard 413 spray tip, a wide range of alternative sizes from 209 to 515 are stocked.

Low cost reliable air driven pneumatic airless sprayers, designed for a wide range of coatings. All wet parts are manufactured using stainless steel or tungsten meaning these pumps are ideal for both water and solvent based coatings. We can also supply models configured as air assisted airless pumps giving the ultimate blend of speed and finish.

Stainless Steel Fluid Passages - All fluid passages of this pump (including the paint filter) and spray gun are made of stainless steel and are ideal for applications requiring water or solvent borne coatings.

Easy Handling and Set Up - Weighing approximately 28Kg the unit is easily made ready to spray. Connect the air supply and the airless spray gun fluid hose and it is ready to use.

Easy Maintenance - Simple construction offers easy maintenance. Suitable applications for medium to high volume painting environment.

Typical uses are finishing timber products and machinery in a production environment.