Wagner Maxispray 21XL 110v or 230v

Wagner Maxispray 21XL 110v or 230v

A new unique spray pack based on one of Wagner's most popular models, the PS3.20. This robust unit boasts handy features such as integral hose storage when not in use, it is packaged to our own specifications comes with Wagner's European 3+2* Pro Warranty as standard.

This powerful spraying system can apply a variety of materials: from decking stains to emulsion and will also apply exterior smooth masonry paints.

Clean The flexible suction system, EasyGlide and EasyClean can be stored directly at the unit.

Reliable. The inlet valve depressor guarantees a high operating reliability. One press of the button and the valve is free.

Warranty. When it comes to quality, Wagner give their word. Benefit from a 5-year manufacturer's guarantee instead of 3. Because of the quality of their products, they are offering a unique guarantee extension.

Maintenance made easy The "Easy Glide" machine oil can be applied easily. It forms a protective film around cylinder and piston and protects the unit against premature wear.

Specifications: Motor output - 0.65 kw 110v
Max delivery rate - 1.7 litres per minute
Weight - 16 kg
Max operating pressure - 3000psi/207 bar
Spray Gun - Wagner AG-08
Max tip size - 0.021"
Hose length - 15 m