Wagner PS325 110v

Wagner PS325 110v

Mobile paint spraying system for object sizes between 200 and 800 m2. For spraying of emulsion paints, primers, fillers and latex paints.

With Digi-Trac control - With the digital display you can read out and handle machine data, consumption figures, runtimes and much more. The intelligent deadband control, SlowMotion function and FrequentClean guarantee trouble-free work and quick cleaning.

Clean The flexible suction system, EasyGlide and EasyClean can be stored directly at the unit.

Reliable. The inlet valve depressor guarantees a high operating reliability. One press of the button and the valve is free.

Warranty. When it comes to quality, Wagner give their word. Benefit from a 5-year manufacturer's guarantee instead of 3. Because of the quality of their products, they are offering a unique guarantee extension.

Maintenance made easy With the push of a button the piston is oiled and thus the packings are conserved. The "Easy Glide" machine oil can be refilled easily. It forms a protective film around cylinder and piston and protects the unit against premature wear.

Specifications: Motor output - 0.65 kw 110v
Max delivery rate - 2.6 litres per minute
Weight - 16 kg
Max operating pressure - 3300psi/230 bar
Spray Gun - Wagner AG-08
Max tip size - 0.027"
Hose length - 15 m