Wagner Trade Tip 3 fine finish airless spray tip and retainer

Wagner Trade Tip 3 fine finish airless spray tip and retainer

Now including the optimum gun filter and double seal. In this way, you never have to check any more which gun filter matches the nozzle, because you always have a perfectly matching set just at hand. We make things really simple, more for your money, unique in the market.

Extra durable: perfected wearing properties with innovative nozzle aperture and carbide metal alloy. in this way the nozzle closes more slowly and evenly. A constant spray angle is retained for longer, and you get more for your money.

Optimized ergonomics: Larger handle surfaces for turning the nozzle as well as better legibility of the nozzle size and easier to identify the nozzle size

Available in many different nozzle sizes: Perfectly adapted to the object and material, simple cleaning turn the nozzle and flush. Max pressure 34.5 MPa/345bar/5000 PSI

Suits Airlessco, Graco RAC4 & 5, Q-Tech, Titan SC-6 & Trade Tip 2/3 Bases
20° to 40° fan (4 to 8 inch approx)
0.008" to 0.012"fluid passage
Quality tungsten carbide insert
Excellent value for money
Supplied in retail packaging with a solvent proof tip seal, retainer and push in gun filter
Reversible design
Image is of actual product

Tip guards, gun extensions to suit also available.