Airless spray pumps

Semi Professional

Semi Professional airless spray pumps suitable for most DIY through to semi professional tasks

Best Value Pro Pump

The MaxiSpray 21XL by Wagner, complete with a 3+2 5* year Pro warranty and 3 Trade Tip 3 spray tips

Professional - Electric

Professional airless spray pumps from Q-Tech, Titan and Wagner. Highly mobile yet powerful with fantastic application rates.

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The new Mach 3 and Mach 5 aircoat spray guns

No wasted spray tips????

Yes thats's right, both the Mach 3 and 5 spray gun bodies and be ordered with an aircap and retaining ring that is fully compatible with your existing Graco or Kermlin spray tips. What's more both Graco and Kremlin 100% compatible spray tips are available in a wide range of sizes. If you need a complete spray out fit check out the SES AAA30:14, AAA30:64 and AAA40:73, this range offers enough choice to cover cottage industry premium timber finishing through to heavy industry.

Highly portable contractor airless spray pumps

Contractor airless spray pumps

A quick look at the range of entry level contractor type pumps on offer, these are 110v airless spraypacks that one or two man painting crews would commonaly use.

The smallest and most compact is the Q-Tech Q-P019, ideal for the coating of small to medium painting contracts suitable for applying a range of both solvent and water based coatings. Like most airless spray pumps it allows you to enjoy the incredible amount of time saved with airless spraying along with a professional finish.

The Titan Advantage 400 was designed to minimize size and weight and maximize performance. The Advantage 400 delivers the highest performance at a mid range price. It was built to deliver a maximum of 1.8 litre per minute - making it the highest performing sprayer in its class and therefore ideal for smaller residential and commercial applications. It is excellent for residential and small commercial jobs. Recommended for smaller residential and commercial projects where a lightweight sprayer has the most practical application.

The PS3.21 belongs to the 3rd generation of electric piston pumps from WAGNER, it has the largest maximum spray tip of 0.023" and is perfectly matched to a wide range of applications both indoors and outdoors. It also has the longest warranty out of the the three pumps with an impressive 3 + 2 year warranty giving 5 years in total.

Remember the majority of these pumps can be ordered with a 230v motor if your work is only ever domestic.